Wexler Award
    Peter and Deborah Wexler Graduate Student Scholarship for the 2014-15 academic year.
5th Place.
    Iran`s Nationwide University Entrance Exam 2010 in Information Technology M.Sc. admission program among more than 400000 candidates.
3th Place..
    11th Khwarizmi Festival in Robotics branch in Soccer 2D Simulation.
4th Place.
    fourth annual RoboCup IranOpen Competition in Soccer 2D Simulation, April 2009.
2th Place.
    first Amirkabir University of Technology International Robotic Competition (AUTCup) in Soccer 2D Simulation, Oct 2009.
2th Place.
    second RoboCup GuilanOpen Competition in Soccer 2D Simulation.
Top-three Student.
    One of top three students among all the Computer Engineering students, Department of Information Technology, Shiraz  University of Technology, 2008-2009.